September Newsletter

Third Grade Scoop

September 2019  



  • Addition and subtraction within 1000
  • Bar graphs, picture graphs, line plots
  • Timed subtraction facts up to 18.

See your weekly reading newsletter for spelling and vocabulary words and a list of reading skills we are working on that week.


See your weekly reading newsletter for a list of grammar/language skills we are working on each week.



Chapter 2 Mid-Chapter Review and Test (Graphs):

We should get these tests in by the end of September. Keep an eye on your child’s communication folder for practice pages that will be sent home the night before the tests.


I may grade classwork from time to time, so students are expected to listen and do their best work at all times.



Things to work on at home:

  • Read to your child or have him/her read to you!
  • Discuss the spelling and vocabulary words aloud each week and use them in sentences.
  • Look over and discuss any math pages sent home.