January Newsletter

Third Grade Scoop

January 2020 

Upcoming Events for January:



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Looking ahead to Valentine’s Day:

Students will need a decorated box or bag to collect cards in. I will send a list of names and more information closer to the date.


  • Division
  • Fearsome 15
  • Review word problems
  • Fractions
  • Elapsed Time


  • See your weekly reading newsletter for spelling and vocabulary words and a list of reading skills we are working on that week.


Ø See your weekly reading newsletter for a list of grammar/language/spelling skills we are working on each week.

Remind 101


Please sign up for Remind 101 text messages! Be sure to use your first and last name so I know who you are. I won’t recognize nicknames.



Text @wolford19 to the number 81010. 

Fearsome 15

3x4 3x6

3x7 3x8

3x9 4x6

4x7 4x8

4x9 6x7

6x8 6x9

7x8 7x9


Simple Rules for Studying Multiplication Facts:


~Master the 3s and 4s (9 of the 15 most difficult facts are found here)

~Remember the Commutative Property (3x4=4x3)

~Avoid flash cards with 0s, 1s, and 2’s.

~Use skip counting 5s as abridge to master 6s

~Learn all the doubles at once!

~If students know their 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, and doubles there are only 15 facts left to memorize.

~Study 15 minutes each night.

~Study 5 of the Fearsome 15 each day until memorized.

Upcoming Tests


Please see the Reading Newsletter for Language Arts test dates.


I will send a practice test home a few days before the math test. Our next test will be on comparing fractions.


Box Tops:

We need Box Tops for Education as well as Campbells soup labels. These help our school get technology items for our classrooms.