January Newsletter

Third Grade Scoop

January 2016  

Dates to Remember



    5  Students return from Christmas    Holidays

    11 Report cards go home

   18  Martin Luther King Holiday- No School


  15  Presidents Day- No School


 21-25 Spring Break- No School


  • Division
  • Fearsome 15
  • Review word problems
  • Fractions



  • See your weekly reading newsletter for spelling and vocabulary words and a list of reading skills we are working on that week.


Ø See your weekly reading newsletter for a list of grammar/language/spelling skills we are working on each week.

Ø DOL (Daily Oral Language) - We work on our editing skills and math review on Monday-Thursday. Your child’s DOL work will be sent home on Thursday night. Look over this page with your child to prepare for the test on Friday.

Teacher Talk

Dear Parents,

   We are half way through 3rd grade now!! Can you believe it? We will begin our 2nd reading book the week of January 11th! We will also take a Global Scholar Practice Test for the ASPIRE that will be in April/May.  Keep practicing those multiplication facts!


Mrs. Wolford

 *Sign up for text reminders by texting this code: @875caa to this number, 81010


Fearsome 15

3x4 3x6

3x7 3x8

3x9 4x6

4x7 4x8

4x9 6x7

6x8 6x9

7x8 7x9


Simple Rules for Studying Multiplication Facts:


~Master the 3s and 4s (9 of the 15 most difficult facts are found here)

~Remember the Commutative Property (3x4=4x3)

~Avoid flash cards with 0s, 1s, and 2’s.

~Use skip counting 5s as abridge to master 6s

~Learn all the doubles at once!

~If students know their 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, and doubles there are only 15 facts left to memorize.

~Study 15 minutes each night.

~Study 5 of the Fearsome 15 each day until memorized.



~We will have a timed test each Thursday on the Fearsome 15 plus 5 easy facts. We will start out with 3 minutes and shave off a few seconds each week. Our goal is to know each fact within 3 seconds.


~We are beginning Chapter 6 in math (division). I will send home study sheets the night before the test.


~We will not have a reading/spelling test the week of January 4th, but we will have a DOL test. We will be back on our reading test schedule the week of January 11th.


Box Tops:

We need Box Tops for Education as well as Campbells soup labels. These help our school get technology items for our classrooms.