Reference Interview

Reference Interview

Date: _____________

Name: ______________________________

Homeroom Teacher: _______________________ Grade: ___________

What type of assignment are you required to do? PowerPoint (how many slides), essay(how many pages), poster, if other give details: 


What subject do you need this information: Ex. Science, History _____________  

When is your assignment due?__________________________

What is the subject of your assignment?_________________________

Give me more details of your topic, for example, if your topic is Space, are your needing information about the History of Space, or Space Exploration. Give a good description in your own words.  

Do you have any information on this subject? Check the one that applies.


     I am in the beginning stages of planning my project (I don’t have any information)

    I am in the middle of my project( I need more information)

     I am almost finished with my project ( I need a little more information)

Please list (if any) information that you already have on your subject: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How many resources are required for your assignment? ________________________

Which teacher are you doing this assignment for?____________________________

Are there any resources you are not allowed to use?________________________

In your own words tell me a few points you would like to make in your project: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Email address: ___________________

Any other important information that would help me in finding your resources:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________